Hypothetically, would you ask for independence in 1946 from the US government?

If you were alive then and one of the people of the Philippines. Would you go with Pres. Quezon rhetoric speeches that "he rather see the Philippines run like hell by the Filipinos than run like heaven by the Americans"? I would definitely say NO. The only years the Philippines enjoy such high prestige was in the 1950's and the 60's through out Southeast Asia. When Marcos came to the picture all hell broke loose and until now we felt the after shock of it all. If we are run by the US government they would proclaim the Philippines as one of their States just like Alabama or other States like Hawaii or Guam etc...a governor obviously will run the affair of the Philippines island and the staff and the workers would still be the Filipinos but this time we enjoy the privileges of the ordinary Americans do in the mainland. I would rather shine the shoes of the Americans if the country is running smoothly and in order rather than see the Philippines like this. Would you? Thousands of Filipino are moving to the US and millions of Filipinos are now considered OFW, overseas contract workers working for Arabs and other nationalities with cruelty and lots of pain just to get those dollars back home to feed their love ones in the Philippines. How ironic isn't it. Nuon nakahiga na tayo sa kama, mas ginusto pa natin ang mahiga sa sahid. Of course for some who will say we rather be free. Masarap maging malaya. Kaso if the people who will run the country doesn't know how to run it and worst will rob the people instead. Until now we are still guided and supervise by the US government. If not for the US government, Vietnam or even China has invaded us long time ago. We do not have enough manpower or even decent equipment to fight any invasion. What are we going to fight with, stick and carrots? Even some of the people I talk with in the past said we are better if we kept to be one of the States of the US govenrment then. I guess to me it is only obvious we are bound for hell because of trusting our own kind, the Filipinos. Even if P-noy make good for this 6 years, we never know if the next President is another GLORIA ARROYO, so another agonizing 6 years once again. We sing, dance, listen to US music and other hip-hop, break dancing etc....where do we get this with the US culture that we keep on copying and our own culture is lost in the clouds above us. Let me see your different point of view, and for those eccentric ones or hard to follow individual well if you like to discuss what you think, go ahead. Enjoy the moment. Thanks


The other argument of the Filipinos against the idea before is that they said the US government will steal the natural resources of the Philippines. Why steal it when they can promote or even make the Philippines main US and other European destination. Why they will remove Taal or Mayon volcanoes and move them somewhere in Southern Carolina? Ridiculous. The beaches we have will be well guarded by the US coast guard perhaps and the desputed Spratley island could have been a tourist vacation by now if we are a US State. We have no NPA, no abu sayyaf, no MILF or other terrorist jumping or hopping from one island to another to reach Sulu or Tawi tawi to bomb Mindanao. One thing puzzle me is that we are branded as one of the best workers around the world, efficient and well organized but we cannot run smoothly a government like the Philippines. Ironic isn't it? Doesn't this tell you something is wrong with us?

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    I asked myself what is the reason why Pres. Quezon said that, for sure he had his reason or reasons to say those things. One of them (I can only guess); we should not forget that his ancestors are Spanish. I can only tell from my own experience. Because of your question, I remember a conversation I had with a Spanish woman just this year about Spain colonizing the Philippines, believe me, it was done carefully and diplomatic. There is one thing that she said that woke my attention: "Spain lost the Philippines because the Americans took it all". The triangle Spain, Philippines and America, even now a days is a sensitive matter. Now, going back to this quote, at the end he died in NY during his exile.

    Colonizing a country is a crime. The Philippines has been the interest of many. Other countries were arguing who will get which part of the Philippines, does this ring a bell to you? The Philippines have suffered a lot that even the new generation can feel the pain after all this years. There is also a saying: One should not leave a winning team, but will always and someone will. The Philippines, with its own natural resources can survive by its own and that is a good basis for Independence. There is also a saying: No man is an island. Now comes the exchange of products, modernization and globalization.

    As for me, I also have a dream. I dream that the Philippines will prosper not only because of the help from others which is costly at the long run, but, from Filipinos to Filipinos, to mature, tolerant, be productive because with productivity and creativity, it can come out something new Made in the Philippines. It will not only boost self worth but also respect which the Philippines/Filipinos really do need.

    Wouldn't that be nice to imagine, if people in other countries, when they look around in their own homes for start, from the smallest to the biggest, from less to most important objects that they have, giving them small Philippine flag stickers and let them stick it at those that are made in the Philippines and as a result, their homes are full of it? Nice isn't it. Impossible?

    I do understand your despair and we only have one short life to live which for many, a struggle and I'm not here to judge. You rather polish the Americans' shoes than having a Philippines like this. That is OK, but what is wrong with polishing Filipino shoes?

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    hypothetically, the commonwealth status that the philippines enjoyed prior to 1949 is something that many americans would prefer, frankly. the decision for philippines independance was made way back around 1910 when quezon was the elected rep to the us congress, and petitioned the us congress for independance, which was granted in the form of a commonwealth by the early 1930's. the philippines commonwealth had far more independance than any other us state or territory, ie: the philippines had it;s own independant military, and authority to conduct it's own foriegn affairs, determined it's own tax & trade, made treaties with other nations, etc, .. something that no other us territory or state, such as puerto rico, may do. many, many americans would prefer this type of autonomy at the state level, and this is what southerners regard was the fundamental issue in the us civil war, not slavery, but the right of individual states to self determination, rather than control at the federal level.

    many filipinos have a view that americans regret that filipinos decided to become an independant nation, ... in reality, many, if not most, americans may envy filipinos for bravely choosing independance, ... despite the obvious failure of the government and economy since then....

    the Philippines could have remained a quasi-independant commonwealth territory, like Puerto Rico & Guam are today, without ever petitioning for statehood. Puerto Rico has had several general elections on both applying for statehood, or for full independance, but has never gained a majority of voters for either proposition, so Puerto Rico remains a territory, and thus preserves it's right to apply for statehood or independance any time in the future. All US states, aside from the original 13 colonies, were first a US territory, until the majority of voters in the territory chose statehood.

    Source(s): running dog yankee imperialist, etc, etc, etc..
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    I see where this is going. I am a Grade 8 student of a private school, affected by the K-12 program our country has implemented for education.

    Heck would I say no if I were there. Our fellow Filipinos say we wouldn't have experienced these woes and miseries if we just became colonies of those foreigners who have conquered us long ago. What would you expect from these guys who think they're the greatest? Filipino slaves in the market and Filipino pigs.

    After our Independence, we have stood strong and rich. Neighbors envied us and our money was thicker than US. These went off after Marcos used the Philippines to get money from the world bank just to inject some damn old things for him and his wife. Debts rose higher than our previous rank in the economy because of the old geezer. This doesn't help much anymore though, because it's done and he's dead.

    For our present situation, we are experiencing a constant rank in economy right into the middle. I still think that isn't so good after corruption have been download and installed right into the system of our government as showcased by Rep.Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. The lower officials made her a model and became viruses themselves.

    Our dear president, P-Noy is still on the way on the "tuwid na daan". I just hope he doesn't ride a limousine or some corrupted helicopter on the way there. He shouldn't leave us behind. Hopefully, if he can sustain and make a good job on Pinas, I agree with your point about the next president. That is, on our hands and if it is the work of a dirty and fugly hand, it should be stopped with a fly swatter, reasonable remedies and solutions against cheating.

    For the fading culture we have here, this is the work of our colonial mentality. It is a case that we should stop starting from ourselves. It is influencing us. Like start buying Pinoy products. This helps a lot on our workers and the Philippines' economy so we have to import less and export more.

    US is crazy. Stealing a candy from a helpless kid. Sounds like they're a bully. They should stop it or else-- It's our problem, can somebody please tell them, "Mind your own business! We'll fix this thing and get it going."

    This brands only work individually, which means only a specific worker can have good quality. In the case of our government, we don't work like a rope. It means we need something to burn our inside to help each other and rebuild this Third World we are living on.

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    I am a Beggar, Poor, Filipino and Proud!

    I would rather be a Beggar all my life, Poor till I die, just as long as I have my Identity, a Filipino and Proud of it.

    Sorry but I don't enjoy wiping a white man's a*s*s and then lick it.

    1) Marcos was one of the most brilliant President the Philippines has ever had, build more roads, schools, and infrastructure, but somewhere along the way GREED has eaten him in whole, like any other leaders in history, it is greed for power that makes them Fail. But nonetheless he is one of those Great Leaders.

    2) Vietnam or China has invaded us? How sure are you that they can? What is stopping them is not because of the US protecting us, it because we are a member of NATO, ASEAN and the UN. To declare unprecedented and unreasonable war to its members is answerable to these organizations.

    3) Spatleys is a question of territory that falls beyond the boundaries of two nations, it will remain a question of territory even the US made us part of their states, it does not follow that if we become a US state the Philippine territory will widen. That is Ridiculous!!

    4) "Why they will remove Taal or Mayon volcanoes and move them somewhere in Southern Carolina? Ridiculous." ....LOL! Can they move mountains too? Your interpretation of stealing natural resources, is, how do I say it ... Ridiculous!

    If all Filipinos will think the way you do, then I think our forefathers who fought for freedom against the Spaniards, Americans, Japanese would be sad to know that they have sacrificed their dear life for NOTHING!!

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    I would not ask for independence if the Philippines is governed properly by the USA. It is not true that U.S. will steal the natural resources of the Philippines had if it is part of the USA because, would you rob something that belongs to you? Something that is part of you? Hawaii is part of the USA, Guam is part of the USA but look, they are properly managed and not abused. USA has its own richness in natural resources to take advantage of ours.

    If the Philippines will be a part of the USA I think it will be the other way around. Filipinos will flock to the states like swarms of locusts.

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    Well Filipinos are moving everywhere not just the US.

    It's great that the philipines is not run by the US. The fate of the Philipines is not the responsibility of the US, it's important that you realize that you yourself as a Filipino are responsible for building the Philipines up on a more sturdier foundation.

    You should not try to find scapegoats for why the Phillipines is the way it is. If you keep wishing these things instead of doing things to make the Phillipines a much more prosperous place, then the Philipines will stay the way it is.

    You as a Filipino are solely responsible for how the Philipines is. You are Responsible for how crappy and corrupt the Philipines is and you are responsible for not allowing the Philipines to be a greater place. Not the US.

    Remember, the past is the past and you can,t change that, you can only rise from it.

  • 9 years ago

    It was already planned that the Americans will grant the Philippines independence on 1946.

    And by the way, China has been residing in the Philippines long before the Spaniards have came yet they never invaded the country.

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    9 years ago

    Hypothetically, yes, I would rather be a state of the USA than in the miserable "state" we live in now with corruption in government, poor quality educational system, and seemingly uncontrollable terrorist groups. Add crime, pollution, weak laws, and a Catholic Church who has way too much influence on how the government is run.

    Maybe even just a territory of the USA like Guam and Puerto Rico.

    President Quezon had no foresight when he said what he did.

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    9 years ago

    Do you know what parity rights is? The US want an equal share of the natural resources of the philippines? As a Filipino, do you think its fair?

  • lolit
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    9 years ago

    its never too late to dream that we will be one state of america . but first to wait what this president aquino would do to our beloved land , if he could do something so that our nation should be great again and become like the state of america .

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