hey all. just wanted to ask if a business card can have both fashion designer & photographer?

i recently have this website opened and a small fashion designing firm of my own and i also do photography, so does it make sense if i put in both of them in the business card? thanks in advance.

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  • 9 years ago
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    You can use both sides of the Business Card....One will represent you as a fashion designer & Other will represent you as a photographer

    Using two different professions in your business card wouldn't be a good idea

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    First, my compliments to WCG for starting an interesting discussion. This is one of those times when a message board would be a better forum than a Q&A. Most of the points I would made have already been covered in answers above, so I'll just toss in a few new items. I have the *contact by email* turned off for Yahoo Answers, so I never get any replies from people. It sounds as though that was a good decision. The "going into business" phenomenon is not limited to teens and photography. I'm an accountant by profession, and its rife in that field. You would be shocked at the number of untrained people who buy Quick Books and Turbo Tax, and then attempt to go into business. The ads of the accounting and tax software companies imply anyone can produce expert results without having to know anything about the subject. In photography, we have all seen the ads showing celebrities waving cameras around while taking one National Geographic quality shot after another. Evidently regardless of the product, the "buy this and you don't have to know anything" marketing line works very well.

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