What would you name your future family? full names?

1. After going to high school you met your husband/wife. What is his/her name?

2. After college you get married and you have twin girls. First name: start with a, l, or r. Middle name: nature name

3. Twins are two years old. Find out you are going to have a boy. First name: sports start. Middle name: James, Alexander, Anthony, or William.

4. Twins are three and son is one. Find out you are going to have triplets. Any gender. Initials are: LR, AA, and DE.

5. Twins are 5, son is 3, and triplets are two. Decide that you want one more child but found out you are going to have quints (3 boys and 2 girls). First name: 1 syllable. Middle name: anything


My names:

1. Jimmie Larson Johnston

2. Aspen Ivory Johnston and Layton Lillie Johnston

3. Landry Anthony Johnston

4. 2 boys: Larson Rye (Ray) Johnston and Aaron Arms Johnston and 1 girl: Dayton Elizabeth Johnston

5. 3 boys: Beau Alexander, Nix Andrews, and Matt Preston. 2 girls: Rayne Hope and Layne Faith

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    9 years ago
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    1. Liam Nicholas Wade

    2. Arianna Fern & Aubrey Lark Wade

    3. Beckham Anthony Wade

    4. Leighton Ryan, Alicia Annabelle & Delilah Emmeline Wade

    5. George Simon, Max Harrison, Dale Alexander, Niamh Coraline & Fleur Elisabeth Wade

    Together I have:

    Arianna, Aubrey, Beckham, Leighton, Alicia, Delilah, George, Max, Dale, Niamh & Fleur.

    Fun Game! :)

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    9 years ago

    Husband,Liam McKenna

    Imogen Willow and Rosa River

    Emilio Anthony

    Aaliyah Annabelle,Louise Rose and David Evan

    Leigh Erin,Kay Rona,Marc Stephen,Frey Alan,John Peter


    Michelle Esther McKenna

    Liam Peter McKenna

    Imogen Willow McKenna

    Rosa River McKenna

    Emilio Anthony McKenna

    Aaliyah Annabelle McKenna

    Louise Rose McKenna

    David Evan McKenna

    Leigh Erin McKenna

    Kay Rona McKenna

    Marc Stephen McKenna

    Frey Alan McKenna

    John Peter McKenna

    That's alot!

  • 9 years ago

    1. I always wanted a husband called Bradley William Taylor

    2. LOL I bet people would put Lily or Rose. I would name one Liani Olive Taylor. The other would be Amelia Willow Taylor.

    3. I assume you mean sports star not start. It would be Cory Alexander Taylor as in New Zealander Cory Flynn.

    4. LR would be Lucas Ryan Taylor

    AA would be Aria Anderson Taylor

    DE would be Declan Elijah Ashton Taylor

    5.Boy 1 would be Chase Weasly Taylor

    Boy 2 would be Clay Joshua Taylor

    Boy 3 would be Flynn Carter Taylor

    Girl 1 would be Blair Emerson Taylor

    Girl 2 would be Quinn Jasmae Taylor

    This is a really big family lol. I do wish I could name my kids these though

    Source(s): Myself
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    9 years ago

    1. Robert Liam Fallon "Rob"

    2. Ingrid Tulip Fallon & Ramona Lily Fallon

    3. Henry Alexander "Hank" Fallon


    Lionel Ronan

    Ada Alice Ann

    Dinah Elavie


    Faye Theliane

    Blythe Amelia

    Guy Arthur

    Saul Theron

    Clyde Judah

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  • 9 years ago

    1. Gaspard Santiago

    2. Aurora Lily and Audrina Dahlia

    3. David Alexander

    4. Lukas Ryan, Anastacia Ann & Dylan Enn.

    5. Belle Madelinea, Mia Ariella, Drew Ryder, Judd Sebastian, Ben Emiliano.

    Source(s): fun!
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    9 years ago

    Lucas Nathan Cullen

    Alex Lilly Cullen

    Lucy Poppy Cullen

    Wyatt Alexander Cullen

    Charlie James Cullen

    Leo Rhys Cullen

    Austin Aaron Cullen

    Daniel Ethan Cullen

    Myles Elliot Cullen

    Zane Nathan Cullen

    Luke Harry Cullen

    Quinn Taylor Cullen (Girl)

    Paige Kara Cullen

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    9 years ago

    1. His name is Jackson Cooper- Lee Brixton.

    2. Rowan Perergrine and Alice Linnet- Rose

    3. Jenson Alexander

    4. Lukas Riley, Aedan Alfred, Delia Emmeline Brixton.


    Storme Mariah

    Skye Isabelle

    Lee Harrison

    Jett Indago

    Wolf Bennett

  • 9 years ago

    1. Ryan Allen

    2. Arden Aurora & Layla Brooke

    3. Cole William (Cole Hamels)

    4. Liam Robert, Aaron Alexander, Devon Elizabeth

    5. Grace Cassia, Claire Genevieve, James Benjamin, Trey Jackson, Xane Xavier

    The kids are Arden, Layla, Cole, Liam, Aaron, Devon, Grace, Claire, James, Trey, and Xane

  • 9 years ago

    1. Ciaran Michael

    2. Arabella Lily and Lyra Violet.

    3. Charles James

    4. Liam Rory, Astrid Adeline, and Dexter Elliot

    5. Blaise Marshall, Rhys Alexander, Flynn Malachy, Cate Bellatrix, Maeve Olivia.

    Ciaran, Bella, Lyra, Charles, Liam, Astrid, Dex, Blaise, Rhys, Flynn, Cate, and Maeve.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    1. Alexander "Alex" William Jones

    2. Alyssa "Allie" Rose Jones and Isabella "Issy" Violet

    3. Michael "Mike" Jones

    4. 3 girls: Larissa "Rissy" Rosa, Arabella "Bellie" Anne, Daisy "Zee" Elizabeth Jones

    5. Nick Thomas, Max Alexander, Matt Oliver, Hope Destiny, Faith Sarah

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