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Way would you name this family?

It's a massive family of 8! And you can give them a surname too!

Mum- 47,shop owner,tanned,brunette,quite smart

Dad- 47,boss,Black short hair,smart,tough

Eldest daughter- 28,blonde hair,tanned,has 3 kids called Joseph Lewis,Cameron James and Sapphire Alexis,works as a jewelery shop owner,married to Kai Anderson

Daughter- 23,neon blue hair,tanned,emoish,engaged to Peter


Eldest son- 17,blonde hair,popular dude,mean

Daughter- 12,black long hair,tanned,boring,loves punk music

Son- 12,black hair up to neck,cute,gets bullied

Son- 7,mad about football,red hair up to neck,popular with his classmates

I would name them

Mum- Fiona-May Bryce

Dad- Martin Bryce

Daughter- Nicola Bryce/Anderson

Daughter- Violet Bryce/Gallagher

Son- Ronan-Luke Bryce

Daughter- Catianna Bryce

Son- Christian Bryce

Son- Finley-Marc Bryce

Wdyt of my family names?

Put pictures in if you like

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    Katherine (Kitty) Lynn Gardner

    Marcus Percival Gardner

    Ruby Sierra Anderson

    Miley Lexa- Rose Gardner

    Kaiden Riley Gardner

    Sophia Claire Gardner

    Oliver Jackson Lee Gardner

    Xander Ellis Gardner


    In the future... Miley has Rory Joshua Gallagher and Emilie Joanne Gallagher.

    Kaiden marries Elle Jemima Cole, and has Freya Hope and Georgina Arianne, then marries Perdita Rosalin Hawke, and has Brandon Jayce Hawke, and Kalliope Indago Aedan Hawke, and Jordan Roderick Hawke.

    Sophia (Sophie) has Peregrine Lee when she is fourteen, and Scarlett Rebecca when she is eighteen. She is engaged to Romann Donovan Smith, when she is twenty two, and becomes a secretary. Then she divorces Manny, and has Quinn Becket to a mystery man aged thirty...

    Oliver runs away, aged fourteen, afraid of the bullies, but also just depressed. They find him, but even though he is on missing persons, not recognised, he calls himself Oliver Brixton... He is fostered to Gracie Camille Auden and Todd Alexander Auden, with foster sisters, twins Jasmine and Lily. Marries Taralynn aged twenty seven, and has Kiara Melanie Brixton aged thirty, then triplets Connor James- David, Ellis Scott- Harrison, Riley Bennett- Cooper Brixton.

    Xander marries Kaylee Elizabeth Rhys, and has Blake Isasiah Rhys- Gardner, and Storme Imogen Rhys- Gardner.


    (If Kitty and Marcus are seventy five, Ruby is fifty six, Miley is fifty one, Kaiden is forty five, Sophia is forty, Oliver is forty, and Xander is thirty five)

    Joe (33, with kids Lexie Aura (4) and Linnet Ruth (3), married to Kaylee Jennifer Clark)

    Cameron (33, with identical twins Toby Jackson and Timothy Joel, both 3, engaged to Linda Donovan, 30)

    Sapphy (31, adopted Lilianne Ruth England (4) and step kids Belinda Mae (6), Rachael Carina (5) and Coralinne Grace (4), married to Cody Robert Hart)

    Rory (17, enaged to Lilia Jade)

    Emmie (15, with Crystal Alicia as kid, aged 1)

    Freya (28, with kids Caleb Johann, Darcie Lynn, both 2)

    Georgie (27, married to Cady Broderick Harper)

    Don (20, engaged to Paris Amelie Parker)

    Kallope (Lee) (12)

    Jord (10)

    Perry (16)

    Lettie (14)

    Quinn (10)

    Kiara (10)

    Connor (8)

    Riley (8)

    Ellis (8)

    Blake (7)

    Storm (3)

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    Mum - Heather, Lisa, Jill

    Dad - Mike

    Eldest Daughter - Jennifer

    Daughter - Nicole

    Eldest Son - Joey

    Daughter - Alexis

    Son - Nathaniel

    Son - Finley is good

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