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What wiki community gives you he most control of your content and includes a blog?

Red Dead wiki ( and it's hosting site are are a nightmare to work on. I created a wiki and a blog on Red Dead Wiki because it looked like a descent site. It turns out the user has absolutely no control over their own blog post and comments. If you choose to delete a blog post or a comment to your blog, you are not allowed to. You have to contact an admin a d hope they are in a good mood and delete it for you. Otherwise, as in my case, an admin named Ly Hung (LyHungViet) to me it is Red Dead Wiki's policy not to delete blog posts or comments. I've never heard of a blog website having this much control. After all it is my blog. Now I'm looking for a new community wiki that also has he ability to write a personal blog. Just a warning to those interested in starting a wiki. Do not use any site hosted o Wikia. Especially Red Dead Wiki. You will have no control of your content or your comments. Wikia, you really suck.

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