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Photographers who take photos through windows/glass?...?

I'm taking photography at school and we made our own pinhole cameras and we had to choose a theme. I've chosen to do pinhole pictures taken through or against glass/windows but I can't find a photographer who does this.. O.o There must be some photographer who does this! -.-

They don't have to be a pinhole photographer, they could be a digital photographer, either way it doesn't matter. Pleaseee! does anyone know a photographer who does this? ... Would help alot!

~ Thaanks :)

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    Sam Haskins was famous for creative montages with a single exposure by using a sheet of glass set at 45 degrees angles to the line of sight. One element in the photograph is directly in front of the camera but viewed through the glass and the other element is at right angles to the line of sight with the image reflecting off the glass into the lens (or pinhole) Manipulating the light on both elements allows for very fine control over the montage elements without any use of Photoshop. You can do it in a very controlled way in the studio but remember that it also works with windows (shop, home, car)

    If you want to see absolutely brilliant use of reflection, semi-mirrored, depth of field and refraction in image making go see the movie 'Drive' the cinematography is sublime.

  • If you cant find any photographers that take through glass, look at photographers that use mirrors to a similar effect. I'm guessing your using it as artist research to reassure your practice so using a mirror photographer to back up/inspire your work will be fine.

    I know Cindy Sherman and Robert Smithson use mirrors in their work, but if you look around there is bound to be several that create an effect that you like.

    Though you could argue that every photographer shoots through glass, as many lenses are made of them.

    Hope this helps and good luck.

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    It sounds like you are considering the widow as a frame showing what is on the other side (or inside), or just the frame

    search in Flickr they have examples of windows there.

    Interestingly the every first photography have windows as their subject. - The long exposure of a pinhole camera will give a different dimension as well.

    just google photography +windows

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    I delete the photos on my camera that are obviously blurry or definitely a bad picture but if I am not sure about some shots, I leave them on my memory card. Then I upload them to my computer, browse through them, and delete more of the bad ones.

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    Photographers who don't take photos through windows/glass they take through digital camera .

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