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How to get fat? Quick way to get fat plz?

Im 13 and i want to get fat. I weigh about 47-49 kilos and i want to get up to 60 in about 3 months time or less. Ive got the will to turn fat to muscle and i can but i dont have fat.

It may just be in my gene that i am skinny but i just want to gain w8. I dont like being looked down on by my classm8s and i want to fck them up real good if they try to :)

I dont and i cant go to a gym yet so i workout at home with pushups, situps and dumbells. Once i turn 16 ill start going to the gym.

Suggestions pL0x?

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    Rather than gaining weight in general, go for bulk instead of fat. That way it's more functional than just getting a lot of flabby gain... ADD MUSCLE.

    1. Eat tons of protein! Eggs, meat, protein bars, shakes, supplements, anything you can get ahold of.

    2. Make sure to be getting all vitamins you need. This will help keep you from draining your body's stores.

    3. Limit cardio to warm up and cool downs.

    4. Use the dumbbells every other day! You need to give rest days so muscles have time to heal themselves in order to bulk. As well push ups and situps. Do pull ups and dips at a local park using play ground equipment. This website can help you plan your exercise routine

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    You don't need to gain fat to turn it into muscle; that's quite unhealthy (it's even more unhealthy and even dangerous to cut out fats; find the balance that works for you). Build the muscle on its own.

    To do this a good strategy is to work out vigorously for a day, taking breaks when you need too, not pushing yourself too far, and staying hydrated of course. Spend the next day resting. That resting period is when your muscles recuperate and build back stronger than before, to "adapt" to the extra weight lifting.

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    I think there are protein shakes that are suppose to help you gain muscle. My Boyfriend had a hard time as he has a very fast metabolism but when he went swimming everyday he got alot of tone to his body. Aslong as you stick to exercises then you should build some muscle anyway, but just try and get some red meat in your diet, ive heard thats good too.

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    you're obese similar to me in twelve! however i l can nonetheless wasting weight! i do swimming as soon as every week, running and gambling and that i additionally consume a balanced nutrition whilst i used to be 12, my mother and my buddy help me and that i lose a million inch from my wais in two weeks! so you'll wasting weight speedy!

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    fat is not good, just build muscles and you'll get heavier, my brother has alot of muscles and his skinny and is 16 and he weighs like 80kg.

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    Start playing World of Warcraft, drink Dr. Pepper and eat ice cream and chocolate all of the time.

    If you don't like World of Warcraft, just watch tv all day. Put butter on EVERYTHING!

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