What if the time comes that all star explodes and turned into black holes?

Hypothetically, what if all stars in the universe explode and turn to blackholes and start to attracting each other. Then combined into a single massive black hole, what could be the scenario? Would the 'time' and 'space' finally comes to an end, and could it trigger another big bang and start all over again? Sounds like the 'oscillating theory' of the universe. Kindly enlighten me by sharing your thoughts about this. Thanks.

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    9 years ago
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    The black holes left behind by supernovae are actually less massive then the star that was there prior to the supernova. A black hole still obeys the laws of gravity. If you were to instantaneously replace the Sun with a black hole with identical mass, all the planets would continue to orbit it unchanged. What makes black holes so unique is their incredible density... if anything, even massless paerticles, get to close to it (event horizon) then these things cannot escape, because the escape velocity exceeds the speed of light at such a close distance.

    Most stars will not become black holes. Many will not even go supernova. Only the most massive stars leave behind a black hole... white dwarfs and neutron stars will have greater numbers than black holes.

    It is unlikely that there is enough matter in the universe for it to ever contract via gravity. This is an older theory, called the Big Crunch (the resulting new Big Bang you refer to following a Big Crunch, is referred to as the Big Bounce Theory). The universe appears to have enough Dark energy to expand forever. Either in heat death, or through a Big Rip, would be the likely final outcome, no matter how many black holes exist in the distant future.

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    Hypothetically, why ask questions that violate usual physics? The 'oscillating thought' of the universe has been shown to be fake. there are various properly-respected physicists, which incorporate Stephen Hawking, Lawrence Krauss, Sean M. Carroll, Victor Stenger, Michio Kaku, Alan Guth, Alex Vilenkin, Robert A.J. Matthews, and Nobel laureate Frank Wilczek, who've created scientific fashions the place the super Bang and subsequently the entire universe might desire to upward thrust up from no longer something yet a quantum vacuum fluctuation -- by organic tactics. For extra, watch the video on the 1st hyperlink - "A Universe From no longer something" by using Lawrence Krauss. -

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