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Guden asked in Social SciencePsychology · 9 years ago

How can I dream at night?

I never have dreams (or I never remember them/feel like I'm "in" the dream). How can I dream and not only remember it, but feel like I'm actually living it when I'm asleep? I've tried saying "I will remember this dream" and stuff like that, but it never works. I think that my ultimate goal is to have "lucid dreams", which, from my understanding, are just very realistic dreams. When I was younger, I had dreams (a lot of them were nightmares), but I want to start dreaming again :P. Any advice?

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    9 years ago
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    so you've recited i will remember all my dreams..over and over again while you drift into sleep and it hasn't worked? and you've done this lots like given it a week or more?

    you probably have a very healthy sleeping pattern and it's time to break it! lol set you alarm for the middle of the night and get used to waking up a few times a night and try to recall anything, try write down anything and think hard.

    start having naps during the day.

    once you start having dreams lucid dreaming is a whole other step and you can do this by cheaking to see if your awake during the day, say i am awake and think of the reasons why, then while you sleep your subconcious has a habit of cheaking if you are awake.once you realise you are awake try to change something. Like try to see a particular friend or something, it's very hard, don't try force yourself and take you time practise makes perfect good luck.

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    Your brain is composed of 2 different parts, the conscious and the subconscious. Each part is responsible for specific things. Dreaming is one of the many functions of the subconscious, which is on autopilot 24/7. It also regulates your body functions like breathing, heart rate, digestion, memory, coordination, emotions and survival instincts, to name a few.

    When you get sleepy, it means that your conscious mind, or the thinking, reasoning and analytical part of your brain needs to go to sleep because it is "full" from taking in and processing all the days information. Or, in a nutshell, when you sleep is when you commit to memory the important stuff of the day and then "vent out" the rest of the useless stuff through dream stages so when you awaken, you're ready once again to fill it back up with another day's worth of "input". Since your subconscious never sleeps, it's the part that takes over when the conscious can't handle anymore thinking that day because it's full. This is why dreams seldom make sense. So just realize, you'll remember the dreams when you need to, otherwise also realize, you're lucky you don't. For healing and rejuvenation occur during this deep REM part of sleep each night. Take short naps during the day if you want to enjoy the most creative part of your mind. Just before you decide to relax, pick a subject to focus on and let the rest unfold naturally and without effort, otherwise the conscious mind won't be able to enter a light state of sleep. Hope that makes sense, good luck!

  • Khione
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    9 years ago

    get to sleep quickly

    and try fixing some kind of idea in your mind so its the last thing you think about before you fall asleep

    picture your dream house, layout and furniture and everything and build it up around you

    find a wall somewhere and picture it in your mind-a perfectly normal wall-then create a gate or door and go through it and put all kinds of amazing and magic things in there and just wander around within the amazing wall

    should work hopefully :L

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    &index=1&list=PLEuPP7IBWwug5xI14gRgVXU48rrdtVS_v this helped me

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