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Did you like The Proposal (movie) and why did you like?

I'm continuing my list of top romantic movies. I asked people what romantic they liked with Sandra Bullock and people said The Proposal. But what is so good about that movie? Is it just/only the main actors themselves or what is it that you liked about it? I didn't think it's worthy of a top 20 romantic list but since other people think it is, I'd like to know why so I can be sure I'm making the right decision by using it. Thanks.

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    I liked in, and I liked it because it shows how one can change for love, and of course love people even though they're not perfect. Besides, it's a bit funny from time to time. I wouldn't place it in top 20 romantic movies though.

  • 9 years ago

    I liked that movie. It was cute and romantic and of course the main guy was good looking. My favorite part was the scene where she was dancing with the grandmother in the woods.

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    I liked the movie. it was comical and pretty funny. Top 20 probably not. I think the one thing that helped me was the performance of Betty White, so was really great.

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