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How long of a flight is it from st.louis to amsterdam?

Im thinking about taking some friends and going to that cannibuscup a few(lot) of years from now...

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    There are no direct flights. The flight time takes about 9.5 hours; the journey time will depend on your stopover time at Chicago, Detroit, Washington D.C. or any other main international airport.

    St. Louis - Chicago approx. 1h 10m + Chicago - Amsterdam approx. 8h 20m

    St. Louis - Detroit approx. 1h 30m + Detroit - Amsterdam approx. 8h

    St. Louis - Washington approx 2h + Washington - Amsterdam approx. 7h 30m

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    For now St Louis Lambert does not have direct international flights. Lambert is just a hub. If it did have a direct flight it would probably take about 9-9.5 hrs.

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