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Advice! Do i have herpes?? ?

I've been with my boyfriend for 5 weeks now and we haven't had sex or even kissed with tounge but we still "made out". He just now decided to tell me that he has both oral and genital herpes and I'm freaking out...what are the odds I have it?? He only has sores inside his mouth, not outside...but I don't know a lot about!!!!!!!!

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    If he has sores *inside* his mouth, it's likely he's mistaken. Oral herpes usually appears in the lips, not inside the mouth. Ulcers inside the mouth are likely to be canker sores.

    Anyway, calm down-- even if you do get it, oral herpes is just cold sores.

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    At least he told you, a lot of people fear being rejected by their partners over having herpes. It doesn't have to be a deal breaker. You may want to ask him to get tested to make sure that he has oral and genital herpes. Some times people mistake lumps or bumps for herpes. So you know it's possible to be exposed to herpes and not get it.

    Sores on the inside of the mouth are considered to be canker sores, oral herpes doesn't commonly affect the inside of the mouth. Also it's rare to pass herpes from the genitals to the mouth and it's possible but not too common to have both types of herpes. You may also want to ask him if he is taking any antiviral medication or suppressants. If he is then this should make him less likely to pass it on in between break outs. If he isn't then ask him if he is willing to start taking them.

    If he ever kissed you, gave you oral sex or had intercourse while he had any signs of a break out then there is a chance you could have it. It's safer to have oral sex and intercourse when there are no signs or symptoms of a break out, if there weren't any signs of a break out then you would only have a small chance of getting it. You may want to get your self tested for herpes too so that you know your own status, you can even get tested together.

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    My friend has oral and genital herpes, orally they only show up on your lips as cold soress but if you're not sure then get checked out as if you give someone oral sex you can transfer it to their genitals and then if you have sex you'll have it down there too. Herpes is with you for life and you can never get rid of it, only keep it at bay, so get checked out as soon as you can.

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    Its a plus if anyones a virgin. That's traditional feel. I'm now not even Christian. I'm simply pronouncing... It continues your chance of disorder enormously diminish, it continues your brain open, and permits you to be with a man or woman for who they're, now not who they have been with. Kissing I feel is the identical tale. You not ever realize if any person has the herpes, considering they may be able to be in among outbreaks. Save it till you discover the proper one. How will you understand they're the proper one? If they're saving it for you too.

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    "Peepable" is right to some extent. If your boyfriend has both oral and genital herpes and your making out, you will eventually get them to, this is how it spreads. He should be on a treatment and keep them in remission. Then it's safe to "make out" or have safe sex. Until then, question him.

  • leave his nasty self. he had to pick up that trash some place (hint: dumpster diving). and go to your dr's or the planned parenthood or the free hospital clinic. Go Get Checked! simply the only real way to know.

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