Stretched from 4g to 2g, I have a SMALL tear in my left lobe?

I did this one week ago as of today. Both lobes are still a little sore but they are getting better. I did not down size back to the 4g like I should have. The only problem I am having is with my left lobe, it gets this scab on the back of the hole and then it bleeds if the scab is torn off.

Should I keep on doing my salt water soakings like I have been for 4 days? I can see and feel a little improvement in it. Also, since it's a small tear how long do I have to stay at a 2g before I can stretch up to a 0g? Just want to make sure on all of this and try to get any extra information.

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    9 years ago
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    Tearing is a bad sign and means you probably should've went to a professional. I wouldn't recommend stretching it anytime soon. Just keep an eye on it because if it's not healing then it could quite possibly tear even more. My friend fell asleep after hers tore (weeks later that is) and when she woke up her entire lobe was ripped. Luckily cosmetic surgery fixed her up.

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  • 4 years ago

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