Problem with KOTOR 2?

I'd been playing Starwars: Knights of the Old Republic II for 2 days. I tried playing it again last night and it suddenly won't run. I get the launcher, hit game and nothing. (It shows up on Task Manager, but the process is like 115K instead of the 53,000K or so it was when it worked) I'd installed the latest drivers and patched the game (after having played already) and that seemed to cause my problems. So I uninstalled the game, rolled back the drivers, reinstalled and was able to play again. I tried starting it about an hour ago and have run into the same problem again. This time without the patch or the latest drivers. Anyone know what's going on? it obviously isn't the game version or the drivers that's the problem.

I have a NVIDIA GeForce 8400GS (I know it's somewhat old, but the game is meant to run better on older cards, since it's an old game) Keep in mind, I WAS able to play the game for 2 days before it started messing up.


AMD Athlon Dual Core 3.0GHZ

Windows 7

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  • 9 years ago
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    This is a common problem for windows 7 and vista. The game doesn't seem to respond well to these OS's. I have the same problem and have never found a solution. The only way i can play it is to use an older machine running XP. =(

    If you are desperate you could try downgrading your video driver to something it recognizes, it always tells me that my card isn't good enough, though it's better than it needs.

    Source(s): Wasted time re-installing and complaining on forums.
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