I older than my age?why o why?

College just started..my new classmate thinks I'm 21-ish. I'm 5'8" 155 lbs. I have a chic classy style I believe. Boyfriend blazer, bottom down shirts.skinny jeans..leopard prints..the only make up I use is bb cream..foundation type, I'm all for flawless skin.. I have a glowy Asian skin free from acne. Maybe because I dress up every single day since class started? I mean, I thought about dressing down..but I can't!! I don't want the hoddie high school style! I'm afraid I look snobby or stuck up and unapproachable.. Help!? (I asked this earlier but yahoo deleted the question)

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  • 9 years ago
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    Who cares

  • 9 years ago

    Sweetie... This is normal! A LOT of people get ages wrong whether you dress up or down. Just be yourself and don't let what other people think bother you! You have one life, why waste it on others' opinions?

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