Is there 5-d or 6-d film?

I know there is 3-d, when the movie sticks out at you, and 4-d, when you feel movements, tickles, blows etc, but are smells 5-d? Is there a 5-d or a 6-d?


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  • 9 years ago
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    No,no,you need to understand that 3D means 3 dimensional space in which we live,it's consisted from lenght,depth and width,and 3d movies are just an illusion of depth,and 4d is just this illusion combined with some pysical effects (like kicking) but it's also illusion,there's no 5th dimension nor 6th,so there couldn't be a 5 or 6d movie.actually maybe there are but i'm not good in physics...

    Anyway check this out and maybe you'll get it clear.

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