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Are green cheek conures good apartment birds?

Actually, I don't live in an apartment, I'm just worried about their noise factor.

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    They are VERY noisy.

    They can be nice, but if they are aggressive which a big amount are, they can bite you, and it hurts.

    If you are looking to get a friendly bird who sings once a day and lets out a few chirps and gives lot's of love, then get a budgie.

  • Treece
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    9 years ago

    Green cheek conures are the quieter of the conure species actually. You can Google a ton of info on Green Cheeks and most will say that. All birds can be loud in certain situations such as neglect though, so keep that in mind, but overall, they are not like a sun conure.

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    I have a sun conure and he is very loud.


    -Can be apartment birds, just needs lots of sturdy toys

    -If bought hand reared hand tame then will be very friendly



    -Ours regiarly tries to swim in his water bowl then dry himself by rubbing on his bed on the bit between the bed and the bars.

    -Loves fruit


    -Hand reared hand tame costs about 500$

    -Very loud

    -Will destroy weak and plastic toys

    -Does very big craps

    I suggest getting one. I have a 2 cockatiels, 3 budgies and 1 sun conure in the one big cage so I know what each type is like. They all have their pros and cons but if you want a bird full of personality and love then a conure is for you. Yes tehy are noisy but if you teach them right then they wont sqawk a lot. I love my conure and he's the most fun loving birds. My budgies are cute and loving and my cockatiels sing and dance all day but budgies can be loud too. Not to that loud factor but sometimes they sqawk and carry one far more than a conure.

    Sometimes when they are on your shoulder they may sqawk and it can be a bit loud but you just spray them or tap them on the beak. Eventually they learn, they have to be trained just like any puppy.

    Oh and if you are getting one I suggest getting a conure prood cage, they tend to have stronger bars that cant be bent. Also get one with a metal skirt like this one:

    This has the skirt at the bottom plus a play gym which is great cause they need lots of things to keep them amused. TRy and get complex toys or lots of chew and toys that jangle when moved. This is the style which is strong for parrots and great.

    Source(s): Owner of 3 budgies, 2 cockatiels and 1 sun conure
  • Goldy
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    9 years ago

    Sorry to say but most Conures are not apartment birds, they can be very noisy and annoying to neighbours,best are Cockatiels.

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    9 years ago

    Conures are quiet noisy parrots and if u want a parrot with minimal noises,i suggest you get a cockatlie or a budgie.

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