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Is this okay to wear to a hockey game?

I'm going to a hockey game tomorrow night(Canucks last preseason game against the Oilers), but I'm going right after work, and have no time to change at all. At work I wear some type of skirt(usually high-waisted) that stops a little above the knee, and a nice dressy shirt.

Would this be appropriate to wear? Or am I going to freeze my but off(seats are behind the Canucks bench) so because I'm so close to the ice, would that make it more cold? I've never sat down that close to the ice at games, so I have NO idea.

Am I going to look absolutely ridiculous going in a skirt? Cause I really, REALLY don't want to come across as one of those girls that try to hard for attention. Puck bunnies or what ever people call them?(I have no idea?)



I've actually been to a lot of hockey games, thanks. I go to one every week. Like I said, I've never sat that close to the ice, so I didn't know if the closer you got to the ice, the colder it was, thus going in a skirt would look absolutely ridiculous. I normally sit somewhere in the middle when I go.

Thanks to everyone else who've answered. I've decided to tough it out with the skirt, and if I freeze, I freeze :)

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  • Noah A
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    9 years ago
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    Bring a track jacket to wear over your clothes then you'll fit in like everyone else. I mean, when you're sitting down watching the game, nobody pays attention to whether or not you have a skirt on.

    Ice rinks aren't THAT cold, even up close. It's usually even temperature throughout the arena.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    you won't be cold going to an NHL game no matter where you sit....if you went to some peewee hockey at your local ice rink, then yes, you will prob be freezing..........wear whatever you want, nobody cares what you assuming you never went to a hockey game b4 so do whatever you want.

  • 9 years ago

    Don't worry you'll be fine. Its not that cold.

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    It's just okay if you like.

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