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My ex wants to hangout after so many YEARS of not talking?

She keeps calling me telling me she misses me, and that she would like to see me. It's actually kind of great to hear that from her because I thought she hated me all this time, well maybe she did, but she's somewhat over it now. The only thing is I want to know what she wants from me? Why after all these years is she trying to get in contact with me? Is it even a good idea to hangout with her? I'm scared to meet up as well because she has this sort of possession over me, and I don't want to fall for her all over again I just want to be friends, but knowing my lame butt I just might. What do you guys think? Got any advice?

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    Go for it! There's nothing better than rebuilding an old friendship or relationship. :)

    There's a few people in my own life that if they ever came back to me and wanted to talk...I would be overjoyed.

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