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Any Song writing tips?

I was suddenly inspired to write this song, Though I have only written the Chorus.

It goes;

You Should know that I'm soooorry, for loooving you.

And I know that youuu doon't looove me tooo.

But now I wan't you to see, Another side of me-ee-ee.

I'm nooot as weird, as I-I-I. Could. Be.

The thing is, I don't play any instruments.

Help :)

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    I took this out of an answer I gave to someone else, but it applies:

    Verse 1: 4-6 lines

    Chorus: 3-5 lines, very catchy and rhyming

    Verse 2: 2-6 lines

    Chorus: 3-5 lines, same as the first one

    Bridge: 2-6 lines, this is a very important part of a song. It's the part that always comes after the second chorus, that sounds slightly different than the rest of the song, usually where the lyrics state a realization ("What was I thinking?").

    Chorus: Just a repeat of the other two choruses.

    Chorus: Another repeat, usually fading out to signal the end of the song.

    That's a basic construction for a song. This it what most successful songwriters use.

    Now then, it's alright if you don't play instruments. Just find someone who does and see if they want to be in a band. Or find someone online who can write the music for you. There's software online that you can download, where you can mic sounds to make a beat, then record your voice over it. JamSession I think is one, though I could be wrong. Look up "songwriting software" on google.

    The lyrics you have are alright. It's not necessary to drag out the letterssss when you write a song down, however. Also, these lyrics are quite strange. If you want a cabaret-emo-pop-burlesque-rock-acoustic sound with bubblegum-pop undertones, this may work. I'm fairly sure that's not what you were aiming for, unless you want to be the new Panic At The Disco. I'd say tone it into a regular love song or breakup song. It's your choice, ultimately, so do what you like.

    Finally, it may pay off to at least learn some guitar. It'll come in handy later on. So take some lessons or have a friend teach you, or play something else like piano. Piano isn't as simple as guitar, but no instruments are simple, so you can just pick one. You don't even necessarily need to play one, it just works in your favour.

    That's all. My final note is to have fun with it, and good luck.

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    Well the song part of songwriting is important, so I'd suggest learning an instrument.

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