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This guy and girls conversation. Why is he saying what he is saying?

*They're both friends, so this info is okay to be exchanged.*

Guy: "Are you still a virgin?"

Girl: *Giggles* "No."

Guy: "I knew it!!" *looks out the window, smiles, jitters around, laughs* "I freakin' knew it!!"

Girl: "Uh, I'm not a whore!"

Guy: "Oh, no, no. I know you're not! I didn't mean it that way!"

Girl: "I'm innocent!"

*both laugh*

Guy: "Ohh yeahh. A girl who has smoked and gone to parties is innocent!" *he laughs*

Girl: "Oh whatever, I practically have a halo above my head, I'm an angel." *smiles*

*He laughs and blushes*

The convo continues about her not being "easy" and not being into the mooshey, gooshey relationships...blah, blah, blah. Lol.

She has to leave and he asks if she wants to text. He gives her his number. Mind you, he has a girlfriend. What's your opinion about this? Thanks in advance(:

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    pointless tween banter.....meh

  • 9 years ago

    He thinks she's a whore?

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