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help please please, dont know what to do, lots of points awarded!!!?

I want him to want my attention and want me notice him.

He goes to my school, so i have to wear the uniform. I'm also in one of his PE classes, its just me and my friend and him and loads of boys, so where the only girls. so anything i could do in that lesson? what to speak like? who to speak to? etc?

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    Since you're the only two girls that should make things easier ;)

    If you want him to notice you and want your attention then you gotta do something special so everyone (including him) notices you. Excel in your PE class, do something exceptionally brave, etc...

    Speak normally like you always do but show confidence in your voice. Always have a soft smile on your face, it makes you look friendly so more people will talk to you.

    Talk to everyone particularly his friends. But don't suck up to them. Just enough for him to notice you. And pleeeease BE YOURSELF!! No one likes a fake person

    Hope that helps (:

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    9 years ago

    Sure worst answer ever for what you want to hear. Believe in yourself. If you want someone to pay attn to you and they don't, get over it. It's selfish of you to do so. Sorry, but deal with it. Sure you have qualities. So does everyone else. You can't choose someone; this isn't Pokemon.

    Best advice, be yourself someone will come about and love you for it. That is the most romantic possibility. I personally like girls that are taller than me. Met a girl that is the same height and love everything about her and I don't complain about height because I love who she is. Don't lower your expectations, broaden you horizons.

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    show the guy that u give him more attention. me flirty!! have fun with him. dont show off tho or be mean to him because you think its funny cus guys hate that. bring up hanging out outside of school and stuff. just make sure he knows that u go out of your way to focus your attention more towards him

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    show off dot be to ovious :p give him a smile bump into him on purpose and say cheekily oops my bad ;) be flirty and be urself laugh alot be bright interesting and fresh be cheeky flirty friendly good luck x guys love it when a girls confident

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    Just be cool. Guys don't like a showoff just like girls don't. smoke him in a game of ball, that's always way hot.

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