how do i get my medical records?

i need my medical records from indiana and i live in florida whom do i contact?


i dont have a doctor how else can i get my medical records do i call the hospital i was at or like a county office of some sort

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Your new doctor in Florida should have a form that you sign. They will then send it to your old doctor in Indiana and they will send your records to the new doctor. Very simple.

    Source(s): Without actually having a doctor right now, you just call the doctor or hospital wherever you were seen or cared for and tell them you want a copy of your recoreds. Because of some laws, you will not get absolutely everything and some things will be blacked out. That's just how they do it, but at least you'll have all the important things like blood work, xrays, etc. Good luck to you.
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