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I have blue eyes should i dye my hair to a light ash blonde color,golden blonde or golden-light brown10 points?

I currently have dark ash blonde my real hair color is medium brown ? Btw i have pale skin

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    9 years ago
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    It's fall/ winter months so if you want blonde go with a cooler ash blonde or think like a platinum silvery tint blonde u could achieve that by an ash platinum blonde. If ur doing it urself? After u bleach it use the toner from sallys called white lady, && use purple shampoo to help keep away brassiness, if u don't want blonde go with the ash brown, or something alittle warmer like maybe a chocolate brown with some blonde lowlights and some lighter brown lowlights

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    9 years ago

    i had medium brown hair before i dyed it, and i dyed it a light ash blonde - and it goes amazing with blue eyes, if not ash blonde, i'd go for a golden-light brown, you'll look really nice - hope this helps you :-)

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    light ash blonde or golden blonde just make sure if you do it golden that it is not to brassy, i have bleach blonde and blue eyes but bleach is not healthy for your hair :)

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    9 years ago

    golden blonde :)

    i love the blonde hair blue eyes look :D i have it myselfff

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