Girlfriend trouble?!?!,?

I met a new friend at skool,she added me on Facebook jus in case we forgot if there was homework,but anyways my girlfriend liked sum her friends photo so I decided to like my new friends photo ,my girlfriend found out and says that my new friend is way prettier than her,but it's not true i love my girlfriend and she is way beautiful than my new friend,I keep telling her this but shes in denial:/ what should I tell her

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    she sounds jelouse.

    the meaning of jelouse is that she loves u so much she doesnt wan to share u :) yerr its stuipid but all girls are liek this even i am :p

    tell her u love her and if she loves u then y cant she trust u ,tell her u would never hurt her u love her and not this friend ok good luck xo

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    my girlfriend does this too , she's doing this because of 1 of these two things

    she needs reassurance that you love her

    or maybe she's just a little insecure about your friend . spend more time with your girlfriend and remember to always tell her she's beautiful !

    the reason i know this is because my girlfriend is insecure :/

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