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What are some of the best places to live in Wisconsin?

Hello! I recently have been researching on places to relocate to in Wisconsin but I have had trouble finding an area. I would like to know what towns in Wisconsin are the best overall? Small to medium sized towns for a young couple to start a family? Thankyou! :)

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    One great place to live in Wisconsin that's not too big is Madison,WI. It's a great college town with lots of energy for a young couple. If cool restaurants, bars, and outdoor activities are important to you, then Madison would be your place. With the University being the big focus in the town, it also creates a very educated population of people. If you would like to see how other cities are rated check out

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    Wisconsin execs: great soccer, friendly summers, various outside events like fishing, golfing, crusing, swimming, trekking, mountaineering, boating, etc. various eating places, vacationer factors of interest , organic international, open areas, green parks, lakes, rivers, etc. pleasing autumns and is derived. fairly much consistently a white Christmas. different than in Milwaukee, site visitors is fairly much consistently tolerable. Wisconsin cons: mosquitos, lake flies, January-March are nasty, the occasional twister whipping up on some small city each and every twelve months. Florida execs: pleasing seashores (are they nonetheless?), Disney, great soccer, heat climate, Everglades, organic international Florida cons: outrageous humidity, huge bugs, snakes, gators (no longer the soccer type), intense fees, too many vacationers, hurricanes, outrageous site visitors end: Wisconsin. i will take some months of chilly climate over hurricanes, humidity and huge bugs any day, sorry Florida!

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    I think West Bend is one of the worst places to live if you are a younger person. I have lived here most of life (about 17) years and there is absolutely nothing for a teen and younger adults to do. The city is nice in terms of crime (there should be low crime seeing that the city has one of the largest number of cops to people in the state) and stuff but really unless your in your older years West Bend has nothing to offer. Also at the rate that West Bend is expanding I imagine it will be going south fast soon.

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    Wow, there are tons of them. It depends on if you want Northern or Southern Wisconsin. I used to live in Lake Geneva and loved it. I also love Baraboo and Port Washington.

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