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What are some beliefs that France believes in?

Other than human rights and stuff?

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    In secular rules. I believe that France is the most secular country in the world. You will never hear a French president say 'God bless you'.

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    This Site Might Help You.


    What are some beliefs that France believes in?

    Other than human rights and stuff?

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    French Beliefs

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    Ignore the idiot's post above me. It's not all that different from any other mainstream democratic nation. France is a very liberal country(quite possibly more liberal than the US in some ways), and its people have a mass of stereotypes about them, just as we Americans do. The main issue is that cultural differences can lead to mass misinterpretations about a general race that LEAD to these stereotypes. I'm an American living in Paris right now, and I have not met a mean French person yet.

    The one thing to remember culturally though if you're traveling to France is--when you're in a truly local area--is to keep your voice down. The French have a different idea about public mannerisms then Americans do, and so the older French tend to be poise, calm and quiet. You can always tell where the Americans are because they tend to be loud and zealous. It's just a cultural difference we have.

    Another thing to remember is that the French greatly appreciate it when you try to speak to them IN FRENCH. While about 34% of France's population DOES speak English(especially in Paris), they will be more inclined to warm up to you if you at least attempt to start a conversation in their native tongue. A good deal will actually thank you and and start to speak in English if they see that you are trying but struggling. They are nice people that like to have fun just like anyone else.

    Other than those two things, I can't really think of any cultural differences at the moment.

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    "Muslim women say they wear it with pride, and they wear it by choice" and if they DON'T say those words, their fathers or husbands will open their throats with a rusty razor, and you damn well know it! but i will grant you, i don't like france's law. by the same token, however, driver's licenses should NOT be issued to anyone unwilling to uncover their faces for the license photo. the state DOES have a "compelling interest" in this situation, and no one's RIGHTS are being violated.... because operating a motor vehicle is NOT a "right". it is a privilege that can be revoked at any time. edit: regarding the moms visiting the incarcerated hikers in iran.... "when in rome, do as rome does". muslims get this all misconfuckulated by insisting that when they're in rome, EVERYONE has to do as damascus does. if i travel to dubai, i'll wear a kiffeyah. if an arab comes to the west, they should dress and act accordingly. ironically, most do. it's only the extremist lunatic fringe clerics who insist that a woman MUST wear a certain garment. the koran only insists that everyone dress "modestly" which is entirely relative to the indigenous culture. so, if a muslim woman wishes to go to a nude beach, wearing a string bikini would be modest in comparison.

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    France is a country. It doesn't have a belief.

    You if you were ask what French people believe in, you might get some answers ....

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    In no particular order the French believe in :

    Moderation in everything.

    Importance of the family

    Power of love

    Respecting other people's privacy.

    High standards.

    Law and order.

    Good education

    Good manners and courtesy

    Making the most of what one has.

    Freedom of having a religion or none.


    Protection of the environment

    Good and healthy food

    Preserving their historical and cultural heritage.

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    France is a country, it doesn't think, and people in France think differently from one another, just like everywhere else in the world

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    Ashley did a good summary. And please do ignore the idiot who first posted.

  • 9 years ago

    Americans are fat, McDonalds-eating sloths.

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