Victor Ortiz vs. Timothy Bradley at 140 pounds who wins?

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  • 9 years ago
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    That's a good fight, I like the matchup a lot.

    Physically, it's an incredibly tough fight for Bradley. He is much smaller, Ortiz hits WAY harder, and their speed is probably equal (I'm not really sure).

    Bradley is a more versatile fighter though, easily. He can come forward and be aggressive, or try and box you on the outside.

    Another negative for Bradley is that I'm not really sold on his chin. He got dropped against Kendall Holt twice, who is a hard puncher in his own right, but definitely doesn't hit as hard as Ortiz.

    The first knockdown from Holt was very, very hard. The second one was more of the flash knockdown variety.

    Either way, Bradley may have went down, but recovered very quickly each time. He showed heart and a lot of fortitude in the face of adversity. He got up, kept his cool, and outworked Holt to a clear decision win.

    What Bradley did against Holt is part of my next point, the mental side of the matchup.

    Seriously, not trying to be mean, but I think that Ortiz is really dumb. He honestly sounds borderline retarded in his interviews, but maybe that is just the awkwardness of being on camera.

    Bradley is a very smart fighter, and compared to Victor, he is the smartest Boxer of all time. When you hear him speak outside the ring you can tell he is an intelligient guy.

    Bradley is aware of what goes on in his fights, and will figure out what he has to do in order to win depending on how it's going.

    The reason for that is because Bradley was not blessed with very much speed or power. He has become a crafty and pretty smart fighter because of that, and is forced to find other ways to victory.

    Here is how I think the fight plays out, one of two ways.

    The first is simple, Ortiz has enough speed and more than enough power to blast Bradley, without a doubt. Like I said, Bradley's chin is something I question and Victor can obviously smash people. Bradley is capable on defense, but it's nothing extraordinary. Also, I don't think Bradley has enough power to really keep Ortiz off of hiim. Ortiz could very possibly stop Bradley in the early portion of the fight, something like a TKO four or five.

    This is my second scenario. Tim may get dropped early, but just like the Maidana, Peterson, and Berto fight, Ortiz will fail to finish him. Bradley will work his way back into the fight, and take advantage of a physically and mentally fading Ortiz in the middle to late rounds.

    Bradley beats Ortiz by a competitive, but clear and unanimous decision.

    Oh yea, bonus option is a no-contest in this fight. Bradley and Ortiz LOVE to headbutt, AND it is an orthodox vs southpaw matchup, which always produces headbutts anyway. Somebody is gonna get cut.

  • 9 years ago


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