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What do you think about my book characters?

I'm 13, and I'm going to start writing a book. It's about 15 year olds in boarding school. Iv'e though up some characters, so I hope you like them! :)

Eliza: Main character. Red hair, freckles and green eyes. She LOVES reading, and works in a book shop at the weekend. She is very outgoing, loves to play tennis, hang out with friends, and going to thrift stores. She loves wearing vintage clothes. She falls in love with a boy named Nick. Her main problem is her anger, she gets angry VERY easily. She is a terrible singer. Her Parents died in a plane crash when she was younger, her aunt sent her to boarding school.

Tedda: Eliza and Olivias best friend. Short blonde hair, tall, pale skin and blue eyes. She works as a waitress in the cafe at the bookshop where Eliza works. She loves to wear the color red. She gets nervous very easily, and worries about tests, even though she is top in class. She has a boyfriend called Jackson, who she has been dating for 2 years. Her parents are rich, travel the world, and never have time to look after her. She is upset because they never come to school plays or half term parents day or ever visit her. Everyone thinks she has a perfect life, but she is very upset about her parents. She loves animals.

Olivia: Elizas and Teddas best friend. Dark brown hair in ringlets, African American, and a perfect nose ( she gets alot of compliments about it!). She loves to wear her signature denim jacket everyday. She works at the book store. She is very smart, but always pranks the teachers. Her parents sent her away to the boarding school because she is always getting into trouble ( not that much, but her parents are VERY strict!). She loves to swim, but always complains that it makes her hair flat. She has an AMAZING memory, she doesn't have to study for a test, just read a page then she's ready! She has a crush on Matt.

Nick: New kid at boarding school. Has black floppy hair, very tall, green eyes, and pale skin. He likes to wear black. He's very quiet, but has a sense of humour. He loves reading, and often visits the book store. He mostly visits the book store to see Eliza, his crush, and later girlfriend. He gets jealous VERY easily. He plays electric guitar and loves swimming. His dad hates him, and his mom left when he was 10, but she sends him secret letters. He is addicted to cheesecake.

Jackson: Teddas boyfriend. Dirty blonde hair, brown eyes. Loves baseball. Is kinda dumb. Very sweet to Tedda. Nick best friend.

Dylan: Elizas ex boyfriend. Light brown hair, blue eyes. Nick is VERY jealous of Dylan. Dylan hates Nick and will go to extremes to annoy him.

Olive: Nick's fake girlfriend. She is really mean to Eliza because she had a crush on Dylan when Eliza was dating him. When Nick gets jealous of Dylan and Eliza, he pretends to go out with her to get Eliza jealous.

Matt: Olivia's crush. Blonde hair. He has a crush on Olivia. He plays baseball.

Thank you, sorry I wrote so much! The main characters are Eliza, Nick, Tedda and Olivia. Thank You! :D


Dylan still loves Eliza and will do anything to get her back, even hurt Nick. :) Thank you everyone!

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    Your characters are great but just to spice it up by adding a villain, who gets in the way between Eliza and Nick. Eliza has a temper so she could misunderstand Nick when they are girlfriend and boyfriend or something like that. This is just my opinion but you should also make Eliza popular. So it could make Nick feel inferior to the other hotter, more popular guys ^^ these are just some ideas xD hoped it was helpful.

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    They sound very stereotypical, meaning they are the sort of characters everyone expects to see, don't get me wrong, that's not always a bad thing, just predictable, so if you want a more statement-making book, try making them more unusual =) Oh and a fact for you, in quite a lot of books the main character has a absence of good parental figures in their lives, either due to death or just bad parenting, so I think it wouldn't be a good idea to go down that road, again for the unoriginality. Overall it's a great group of characters and with a bit of tweaking (and a good title) it will be great!

    Source(s): Another 13 yearold who likes writing =)
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    I liked it. Your grammar is very nice for a thirteen year old, and you seemed to enjoy typing it out. My only complaint is that maybe you should make it a bit more original, something that will catch people's eye and make them wonder. THAT'S how you sell a book. :) Otherwise, brilliant. Good luck.

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    9 years ago in boarding school wouldn't be working anywhere. If you want them to have jobs, they need to be living at home.

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    Its pretty cool. ur my age and ur alreathy doing literary works

    . I'm not vey good @ it but ur story seems to be ok

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