Do black and milds contain pure tobacco?

So i tend to smoke quite a bit of weed which im not really concerned about it... however when im drunk i like to mix some black and mild tobacco into my bong bowl. My question is; do black and mild's contain pure tobacco? I never smoke cigarettes, but i hear they have a lot of stuff in them other than tobacco... which seems a lot more unhealthy. So my assumption is that although its obviously not healthy, its at least a bit better than if i were smoking/adding cigarette tobacco. Is that correct?


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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    **** no.

    nice amount of paper to tobacco ratio.

    the closest you will get is backwoods or some nicer cigars to pure tobacco.

    dont buy tha bagged **** its dry as balls

    and its just as bad. you are putting smoke in your lungs and carcinogens will make tar not matter what.

    luckily weed had a lower fibrous content than tobacco and its not mixed with a shitload of chems,

    unless you smoke that homegrown hybrid bullshit indoor chron with the chems all in the soil all day till its picked.

    get some good outdoor organic and dont put tobacco with it. dont smoke cigs. im about to go smoke a cig now tho because im addicted. have fun with the ganja buddy.

    close the window when you roll the endo

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