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how can i write this essay?

It must be four pages long ...

QUESTION : you and some friends enter a talent competition . write a series of diary entries recording your experiences ?

so , how should i write this essay ? (i want a B or A )

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    think HARD dude.

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    A "series of diary entries" invites you to pretend that you are a participant and to write down what you are doing, seeing, and feeling (smelling, hearing, and physically touching/feeling) as a contestant. Since you are with some friends, you also get to expand your writing by adding what you see them doing.

    You might want to start with a "scratch" piece of paper. Write down the things you must do to discover that there is a competition, decide to enter, register, prepare, get there, actually perform, go through or wait for the judging system, go through the award ceremony, and get back home. Like any other paper, you may decide to reduce the scope of your subject and concentrate on only specific activities; in other words go into more description (words) of fewer activities (fewer days, aspects) of your imaginary, talent competition. Even so, grab a calendar with a couple of month's worth of grid-work and a pencil. Place then write each of the activities you came up with on your list on the calendar grid.

    Now, come up with a dairy writing perspective. Are you going to "write entries" at the end of each day which means the writing will be from a reminiscent perspective? Are you going to write in it periodically as you go through the day which means it is sort of a like an expanded group of hand written tweets? Or, are you going to do a mix of end of the day and in the moment entries? The perspective will change the type of detail of the actual descriptions, how/what types of feelings you write of, and just how reflective/philosophical it is. It should also determine how you date, or date and time, your entries as well as your actual page format. - Imagine if you were writing an actual diary in a notebook with a pen.

    Your first entry should in some way introduce how you are going to write in your diary. Within your first/first couple of entries you should also introduce who the friends are by name and a bit about them. - On the other hand, you could probably get away with simply naming them because, you're taking a diary snapshot which assumes that they are already known to the diary. - Either on your first or second entry, you need to include information about the talent show its self as in is it for the PTA Parent's Night, a school assembly, something in the community, or American Idol? Reasonably early on, you should identify/tell what talent you are going to perform, whether you are entering as a group with your friends, or if you are entering as an individual. - If you are concentrating on a reduced schedule, (i,e, picking the story up as you are about to go on or sometime after you've discovered that there is a talent show/registered) then you need to tell at least some of this information in your first diary entry while letting us know that you are writing of a past time period. Or, you could become clever and dribble this information throughout the diary entries while keeping us in the loop and not losing us readers through a lack of information.

    - The diary entry thing is an interesting assignment. It puts you, the writer, in the moment and allows you to freely write simply what you are imagining.

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