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in texas do i need a hunting license to shoot a feral hog?

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    The previous answers are somewhat correct. You must have a license to HUNT feral hogs. However, if you catch one damaging your crop you may shoot the hog without a license.

    This gets to be a trick question in court. How does one discern the truth? If you are sitting in your pickup and see a hog walking across the field, is it damaging your crop? If you put bait out, are you hunting, trapping or what? How long can a farmer sit in a truck waiting for a hog to appear without the activity becoming a hunting expedition?

    Given that issue, it becomes cheaper to just purchase a general hunting license than to pay the legal expenses justifying your actions.

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    Texas Hog Hunting License

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    in texas do i need a hunting license to shoot a feral hog?

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    I think it all depends on the Game Warden that approaches you. Its discretion on the Officers part but do you really want to leave it up to him? I would rather get a $25.00 license.

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    I'll add to an answer.Not a good idea shooting from a vehicle.That might be a legal problem.

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    No tags and the bag limit is unlimited but you still need the general license.

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