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ok i just got a **** load of anger any ideas?

ok i felt this rush of anger i got no reason to be angry but i just want to go out and do something but if i do i know ill regret it later any ideas

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    9 years ago
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    EXCERISE!! Kickbox a pillow! Run around the street! Lift the heaviest thing you can find! TRY STRECHING YOUR HAMSTRINGS!!!! Good luck.

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    People/parents tear you down to build themselves up- Think about this for awhile. Words are not said to help you at all. Its only a trick to make abusers/parents feel good. When people are sick they say mean things to feel better. This goes for people at school as well.

    Abusers use put downs, ignoring or hitting. You are tricked and thats why you feel bad. Abusers lie and have lies mixed with past truths other times. They have problems so its not your fault. Hurting people hurt others and were abused themselves.

    Divorce, father gone, abuse, ignoring can make children grow up with all types of so called "Mental Problems" or turn them into abusers. Know mean people often are calling you names of mental disorders to abuse you. The "Chemical Imbalance" claim is false. It has been thoroughly discredited by researchers. There is No test for imbalances..-Quakery exposed. " Its total fraud" -- Dr. Fred Baughman Neurologist.

    Live away from all abusers verbal or physical and never go back. Dont speak to them. They will never change unless forced.

    Remember- Read 20 sites daily on Emotional Abuse- also Tell your teacher.

    God wants you to Forgive- which does not require talking to them again- Call Child Protective Services transitional housing to age 21.


    Experience seeing this work.. Contact me I have questions for you.

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    9 years ago

    Head bang to metal or slam your door or punch the walls when or what i do sometimes when pissed off bigtime cause i cant land a trick for some reason i smash board on the floor till my board brakes, also pIck a fught on anyone that get in your way cuss them and tell that to **** off or pinch the walls

    Source(s): My anger management
  • 9 years ago

    Get a punching bag and punch the f*ck out of it. Go somewhere like a big

    meadow and just scream.

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