Are 13-year olds supposed to be romantic?

I'm tired of dreaming of romantic things (guys giving you flowers at your doorstep, hugging you from behind, putting an arm around me while laughing, playing 'i love you more' games etc)

and I am only 13 and in 7th grade (cuz of when i was born)

truth is..there's a lot of jerks at my school. when a girl asks a guy out, they accept just to be liked by their best friends, then when they get bored of her, he dumps her.

no guys ever had the courage to ask me out.. i know the one who will come in your life, comes in unexpectedly, or he's right in front of you and you're not realizing that..

so, is this feeling normal for me?


I'm a Aries, too. if you know when I'll meet the one, then please post it here, thaaanks <3

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  • 9 years ago
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    I think all girls have romantic feelings, but at 13, I think it's still too young to date. And boys your age have no idea how to be romantic anyway. Be patient and when you are older, boys will begin to act more like you hope they will.

    It comes from girls liking romantic movies, and boys don't, so they just need some time to grow up!

  • 9 years ago

    yeahh yeahhh yeahhh Whyy nottt

    imagination at that age is OK, enjoyy your life, and feel romantic

    thats the beauty of life

  • 9 years ago

    Yeah it's normal but boys are siooooo dumb there weirdos but hope you find him soon

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