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iDVD problem that needs to be fixed?

I am having a huge problem right now dealing with iDVD. I have a very important Wedding video file that I have been working on and I need to get it to my client as soon as possible. Everytime I get far enough to start burning to a DVD, a problem comes up that deals with encoding. "Error during rendering/encoding, There was an error during rendering/encoding of the menus/slideshows. The burning process has been canceled." I have no idea was this exactly means but I have used 2 different stacks of DVD's that I bought just to have, I have tried using different types of menu's, I have looked at the DVD Map and everything looks fine no warnings of any kind. I need to figure out this problem quick because my client right now seems a little bit irritated that I have no project to give and I have had this problem for a few days now. Can anybody help?

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    Is this the first time you have used iDVD? There is a known problem where the iDVD preferences get messed up when a project is first imported. You should Quit iDVD. Open it again and start a New project. Re-importing the video and remaking the DVD. Alternatively it can be caused by an audio file playing under the menu - removing or trying an alternative audio file should fix it.

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    Use another program.

    The best and most reliable DVD burning tool that I've ever used is a tool called DVD Creator. It's able to burn all kinds of videos to DVD disc. After that, you can view the DVD on DVD player. It also lets you edit videos and create DVD menus. Easy to use and professional.

    You should really give it a try. You may check out at:


    Best of luck.

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