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Budgie going into Moult?

I have a female budgie who is going into moult.

I am giving her and the three other budgies in her cage lots of leafy greens ( don't eat any other fruits or veggies ), and she is gobbling them up like anything ! I think it is because her body thinks she needs it because she is going into moult, but anyway, how and what do i give her when she is moulting ?

something natural and something that won't hurt the others as the only one other is moulting, but he doesn't seem that bad, he is still hoping around, sing and dancing with his little buddy. :P

Anyway, any answers are appreciated ! NO stupid answers please !

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    Moulting is completely natural for all birds.

    Actually, birds are in a state of moulting all the time, it's just in certain times of the year they have bigger moults.

    There really isn't anything you can do. You've got to just let it run it's course.

    And it is great that she is with other budgies. They will preen each others feathers, and that will make the process go by quicker.

    I'm very happy that you are feeding them leafy greens, they are high in nutrients.

    Your doing a good job!

    Source(s): I own two budgies and a cockatiel :)
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