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How many contraceptive pills are there in a box?

Usually, how many actual pills are there in a box of contraceptive pills? When they run out do I need to go back to the doctor to get another prescription?

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    Most have 21 or 28. Most pills are taken on a 28 day schedule. You need to take them exactly as prescribed. It's not like other pills where you might forget one day, or run out for a few days. If you miss even ONE day, you might risk pregnancy. The doc will usually write you a prescription for several months, or even a year. So you just give that prescription to the pharmacist, and then for a year, you just have to go back to the pharmacy once a month and get your prescription refilled. You only have to go to the doc once a year. But for the first few months of your pills, you might have to adjust and get different brands because you might like one type more than another.

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    30 and yes most docs have refills already for three months ahead of time

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