Is it legal to threaten to call the police over the phone?

I know threatening is illegal, but if someone is doing something illegal, and you don't really want the police involved (but are more than willing to go to that extent) could you talk to the person on the phone and threaten to call the police?



I'm 14, and the problem is cyberbullying (not me but someone I know) it hasn't become a huge deal yet hat I know of but I have the number that has been texting her and I was going to call it and stuff so yeah...

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    9 years ago
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    Internet harassment == Cyber Bullying

    Source(s): Call the FBI and get it over with! Your friend will thank you in the end, and society will be rid of another bully.
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    9 years ago

    A threat is only illegal if involves an illegal activity (like an act of violence, or blackmail.)

    Threatening to call the police for a REAL and VALID reason is legal.

    BUT if you threat with making a false police report then that would be illegal (blackmail.)


    If that person is committing a crime (cyber-bullying) then is legal for you to threat (or warn) that you are willing to call the police.

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    In many states threatening to call the police can be considered extortion. One could legally go ahead and call the cops, but threatening to do so in order to influence the other party's actions would be extortion.

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    It is not illegal to threaten someone. That is a common misconception and I have no idea where it came from

    It is only illegal to threaten to do something that would be a crime if you actually carried through with the threat. It is not a crime to call the police so it is not a crime to threaten to do so. It is not a crime to sue some one, hence it is also not a crime to threaten to sue some one. It is not a crime to fire someone so it is not a crime to threaten to fire some one. Get it!?

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    calling the police for help is not a threat in any way or form when are mad they say are u threatening me when u said ur going to call the cops on them

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