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help asap about my 8 week old kitten?

he is a boy and he has uncontrollable diarrhea. its all over the house. he cant even make it into a squat position before it starts coming out. its nasty. what could be wrong with him. im worried help asap! im feeding him wet food with a little bit of dry food.

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    He could have worms or colic or something else. If there is blood in it or it is really dark like coffee grounds it could mean that he is bleeding. Make sure you are feeding him kitten food (wet and Dry) only. There should be more dry food (kitten) then wet food ( kitten). Sometimes when a person feeds a kitten food that is meant for an adult cat they can get sick because the ratio is not right for kittens. Are you trying different kinds of kitten food? He may be allergic to something in it.

    Take him to the vet. Little kittens have a small blood volume and with all that diarrhea he could be getting very dehydrated. The vet will check him for worms and other conditions that he may have. Be prepared to bring a sample of his poop as well so they can test it.

    How many days has the kitten had diarrhea ? If more than 24 hours he could already be very dehydrated and weak because his intestines are not absorbing the nutrients, because the food is just passing through him. And since our pets will hide sickness from us if he is already weak he is in danger and needs a vet for medication and intravenous (IV needle) or under the skin fluids to get his electrolytes back in check.

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    9 years ago

    First off, stop feeding the kitten wet food because it's too rich for him and his digestive system can't handle it. Then try to get him to drink some water because he's becoming dehydrated from the diarrhea and it could kill him. You can use Pedialyte so he gets essential sugar and salt he needs. Get some kitten food instead. If you do those things and he doesn't show any improvement, then you need to get him to a vet as soon as possible.

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    Stop giving him wet food first! He should only be eating dry food made specifically for kittens. Try to get him to drink water to prevent hydration. Get him to the vet ASAP. If needs be to an emergency 24 animal hospital.

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    Make sure its kitten food, your actually only supposed to stick with one kind. It can also mean he isnt ready for food and still need kitten formula milk

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  • 9 years ago

    See a vet about your kitten. I would go immediately if I were you. It sounds serious.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    :( Get it checked out at the vet that could be serious and it could be in pain hope it gets better!

  • 9 years ago

    take him to a vet asap. he can get very sick and even die if he is not kept hydrated

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