Is being selfish a trait of Aries?

I just noticed my friend is always calling me when she wants to vent...and she never really cares for me?

I moved states and she didnt even come to say Bye, not even a phone call

I have been there everytime she has needed a shoulder, a pat on the back, or someone to listen to her problems

I always take interest in her issues and give her advice...

It just occured to me...she doesnt do even half the things I do for her....

She only calls me when she has something to say/problems...never cares for me...

Is this normal for Aries?

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  • 9 years ago
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    It can be depending on how it's aspected. Stress Aspects are square, opposition, and conjunctions of incompatible planets, like moon and mars. Easy Aspects are the trine, sextile, and conjunctions of two compatible planets, like moon and venus.

    And truly your Aries friend is a "fair-weather friend." Really not a true friend as a true friend is concerned about your welfare too. It just isn't a one way street. Fair-weather friends come in all 12 signs. No signs is exempt. Even Aries.

    Sometimes Aries can be a little overwhelming and centered on self. Good friend material? Not when the experience is like yours. But it could be ANY sign. Aries gets a bad rap because of their hot-headed nature and love of "battling." Be it verbal or physical. Aries is ruled by Mars, our planet of energy and desire. And when an Aries desires something, they often "get" whatever it is they desire. A new girlfriend/boyfriend. The new "booty call." Aries is aggressive and often demanding. Because they want their way. They are good at getting "their way." So that behavior right there implies "taking" as opposed to "waiting and wondering."

    You do not have to wonder what an Aries wants. You will know what an Aries wants. Because sometimes Aries is a little selfish. Aries just isn't concerned that much about others. Now the highly-evolved Aries are very concerned. And they do exist. One of my friends is a highly-evolved Aries woman. But again, just like anything else, we each learn in our own time. So every sign will include those that aren't as far on the Path of Evolving as others. Simple and true.

    So the bottom line is this. You had a bad experience with an Aries woman. She reallwant't your friend But you were indeed a friend to her. Because friendship requires meeting each other in the middle. Both pulling our weight to the halfway point. If this isn't achieved, then that isn't a friend. So, this Aries woman wasn't really your friend. At least you know the difference now! I have had more than my share of fair-weather friends. But now I have a couple of dear friends that have loved me for over a decade in good times and bad, whether broke or flush. That is a true friend. One that loves you when you have absolutely nothing to share. Broke. Needing a ride. The one that pulls over to pick you up in the pouring rain because you got stuck late at work? Yes that is a friend. A dear friend. And you would do the same for her/him.. Now you have an honest-to-goodness real friend. You are lucky indeed. To have one true friend.

    I am so glad you asked this question. Particularly in today's world where friends are on Facebook and so many ways to meet others. This is the next chapter on establishing friendships "online." Yes indeed I do believe that is what is happening. We make our friends from around the whole wide world. And what do we find? It's a small world after all. (Kinda cheesey but I liked it LOL)_

    So hope this is helpful. Good luck and bless you too. And your Aries "friend" as, who is she going to talk to about her problems now? I am getting much bolder in this game of aging. As you age you just have got "nothing to lose." So I say many things I would have never said in my youth. Maybe like "How come you only call me when you have problems? Why don't you ever ask about how I am doing?" Oh yes I would say that for sure. I would plant a seed and hope that it grows. Maybe Aries girl will think about it and give friendship a new try, this time with some reciprocation. It would be nice if she could.......

    Wonderful question. Good luck and bless you too/

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    9 years ago

    Oh yes.

    I have an Aries girl friend, quite close or so I think, but she only hits me up to hang out when she's bored and has tried every other avenue.

    I had an Aries boyf, one of the most selfish people I've ever known. He can change his heart at the drop of a hat and not care who he's hurting. He's also really inconsiderate because it makes him feel important. Everyone eventually stops caring about him because it's evident how into himself he is.

    Aries loyalty is ONLY to their personal journey and fun in life, not you or any other people.

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    9 years ago

    Any sign can behave like that. Sometimes you care for someone but they just don't feel the same way, they just don't like you as much. Especially if you are too nice to them, then they will start to walk all over you. This happened with my Aquarius friend, she would just phone me every weekend and ramble on about her problems, I was just expected to be the psychologist. Later she started saying things to me without considering my feelings, because she just took me for granted. So eventually we stopped being friends. You have to set boundaries in your relationships, or people will take more and give less.

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  • 9 years ago

    They can be. call her out on it, dont get mad, so she knows.

    im an aries and im the opposite of yr friend, i have a cancer friend like her and a (former)taurus friend, (who unloaded all her problems on me, talked about her self, and didnt care about me, it hurt, so we are no longer friends.)

    Yes, all signs can be like this,... let her know, gently if u have to, you deserve a good friend. Dont be there for her as much, or shé'll take advantage of it. Trust me she will.

    Me. Sun aries, moon leo.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Yes. They are first, the searchers of the soul, the quest for answers..... i.e. 'selfish less' has to be learned. Takes them a long time to establish their true character and star sign.


    Note: Star signs start operation properly after maturity, ± 27 years old.

    P.P.S. You must be a nurturing star sign. i.e. Virgo.

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    9 years ago

    No....we're not selfish.

    Yesss we pry on people to listen to us, etc. But we usually love listening to others and giving advice. I do it all the time. We love it 'cause we want to be in charge and be, like, the inspiration lol. Leaders. But we can complain, also.... it's not selfish.

    You friend just seems like a b****. LOL

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  • 9 years ago

    Aries are self-centered.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Yes selfish selfish selfish me me me but they can be nice too if you overlook that part. its just they prefer independent people who can take care of themselves.

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