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Is it true that Roger Mayweather rarely trained?

When he was a fighter?

I just read on Youtube that when he was a fighter Roger rarely trained and that he just went in there and fought. I also read that a lot of insiders have said if he ever put the effort in he could of been as great as Tommy Hearns. Is that true, can anybody verify this?

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    I'm not really sure. That may be the case though.

    I actually read not too long ago in an article that Roger was....."something like a poor man's Thomas Hearns of the lower divisions" was mentioned because the article discussed how Chavez Jr took his right hands clean on the chin, and didn't get hurt, something nobody could do at the time.

    Floyd Jr has a crazy work ethic and trains harder than anyone, which would be the exact opposite of what we're talking about with Roger.

    Maybe that comes from FMJ seeing Roger neglect his training, and losing or not fighting to his full potential because of it? Could be.

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    9 years ago

    I heard from Roger, that he knocked out his trainer. Roger was weighed like 130......his trainer weighed like 230

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    it seemed that way because of his shaky chin. his conditioning seemed off also his legs were so skinny...

    if he conditioned himself better he could have taken a better punch.

    also if he had trained harder i think he would've hit a little harder too.

    so i actually wouldn't be surprised if he rarely trained.

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