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What does my dream mean ?

ok so from what i remember i am standing on a beach on like the most perfect cove then i have a surf bord start to go surfing then i stop surfing walk back on to the beach then i wake up. the weird thing is i have never surf before in my life and dont realy like the ocean i had this same dream for like a week so ya

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    theres dream websites for this, just look up keywords (beach, cove, surfboard) and stuff. <-- this site is legit. just use the searchbar on the right

  • Maybe you want to catch a wave in life, get on a roll, take a ride, have an adventure, with a clear mind as the water in the cove

    Source(s): logical guess, and something my dad said to me one time " you just need to catch a wave" As in once I get going everything will flow.
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    You're dreaming about what It's like to surf. It doesn't mean anything at all.

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