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How do you say the following in Spanish?

How do you say "Become our fan on Facebook", "Follow our tweets", "View our videos" in Spanish?

Thanks in advance.

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    "Become our fan on Facebook".

    -Conviértete/Conviértase en nuestro seguidor en Facebook.

    -Sé/Sea nuestro seguidor en Facebook.

    "Follow our tweets".

    Sigue/Siga nuestros "tweets".

    "View our videos"

    Ve/Vea nuestros vídeos.

    Visualiza/Visualice nuestros vídeos.

    Source(s): I'm Spanish, native speaker.
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    Become our fan on Facebook - Hazte fan en Facebook

    Follow our tweets- Sigue nuestros tweets

    View our videos- Ver nuestros videos

    Source(s): Google translate
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    9 years ago

    Sé nuestro aficionado en Facebook

    Sigue nuestros tweets

    Ve nuestros videos

  • 9 years ago

    I don't know, but just use google translate.

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