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Borderline personality disorder?

I would like some advice from someone who has been professionally diagnosed with BPD. I honestly believe I have BPD. (it will be discussed with my mental health professional in a few weeks). I have been doing intense research and I meet most of the criteria. It is shocking how many websites and books describe what I am feeling and going through. I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder in 2008. I have been on medications since then. I am taking Lamictal, Wellbutrin, and Citalopram. I feel like they're losing their effectiveness. I am no longer taking topomax for self injury. Anyone with BPD--have you been previously diagnosed with depression? Were you misdiagnosed with depression? Can/do you have depression and BPD at the same time? Is the treatment the same? Obviously a lot of the symptoms are similar.... Any other information or answers you can give me would be greatly appreciated. I just really want to hear from someone other than websites and textbooks...someone who has actually been diagnosed with it. Thank you for your help.

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    I was diagnosed with BPD in Jan of this year and misdiagnosed with depression for YEARSSSS (only 22 now btw). Don't self diagnose though, only your treating shrink can diagnose you, some symptoms of BPD are similar to other conditions such as Bipolar, and depression has a few symptoms ; like the thoughts of self harm etc. You might just be depressed and making it worse by looking up things on the internet. You DO NOT want BPD, trust me, it is a NASTY (but treatable) condition, and life long, it messes lives up, and by the way, it means the persons emotions (not personality) is quite child like, flitting from anger, to upset, physically crying (for no reason - after the anger that is) etc, it is not a nice thing to have. Roll on when I start my meds and therapy :)

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    I'm answering this only because I hear the desperation in your question. I personally do not have BPD, but i do have bipolar. My girlfriend has BPD and bipolar. I wish she were here right now to answer your question, but it's late and she isn't, sorry for that. I can tell you what I see in her and maybe that will help you a bit.

    First, it could be that you may need a med adjustment. That happens from time to time.

    While yes, a lot of the symptoms are the same, there are so many that are not. For one, with BPD, there are severe abandonment issues that are usually grossly enlarged and feared. Also, there are a lot of anger issues too. With bipolar there isn't the abandonment and anger issues to such a degree if at all. I can see the differences between the 2 things in her with the ways she acts and talks when their acting up. She takes different meds for the BPD, but similar to what I take for the bipolar.

    I hope this helps you a bit. I know it's not exactly what you wanted, but it's the best I can offer you.

    I wish you all the best.

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    get a moment opinion. Personality problems don't seem to be identified till after the age of 18 seeing that till then their character continues to be forming and field to difference... a character sickness is a pervasive sample of perceiving and reacting to the sector that's enduring and longer term..... I feel it's the new trap all despite the fact that for a few medical professionals. Was it a psychiatrist who identified her? She would have "rising" BPD, or she would have Oppositional defiance sickness, or Bipolar... But you're correct, technically, in step with the diagnostic standards, she can't have Borderline. Definitely get a moment opinion.... if she is Bipolar then the cure could be very distinctive.

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