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A kind of novels with poor boy-rich girl theme or vice versa. Then one of them died/ was murdered.

I really appreciate it! =]


Oh and I mean a forbidden love...

Update 2:

Thank you but I already know Romeo & Juliet -.-! I needs some books that have the same content as the videogame Death at Fairing Point! It's about a poor guy in love with a rich girl till he was killed! Kinda mystery/ fiction

Update 3:

If you have played that game, you do know the storyline. =]

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    Well, the most obvious answer would be Romeo and Juliet--and don't knock it quite yet if you've never actually read it. Romeo and Juliet is not quite how it is depicted on TV--at all. They came from two rivaling families (perhaps from the families of noble background locked in a literally bloody war in early Lombardi / present day Northern Italy).

    Juliet, despite how she's often depicted, is a rather a forward character while Romeo is rather a passionate, softer character (who, at the first signs of trouble seems to always threaten his own life). You have a slightly vulgar nurse maid of Juliet's, crude and slightly raunchy sexual jokes told by Romeo's friends, first true love, the marriage of Romeo and Juliet, murder, grief, suicide--everything typical of a Shakespearean tragedy.

    Note, this is one of Shakespeare's early works, so it's perhaps not as profound as the others (though it definitely has his unique flare). Still, it's a rather good story.

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    Of love and Other Demons by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, The Great Gatsby, The Silver Metal Lover by Tanith Lee, The Taker by Alma Katsu, Nocturne by Syrie James, the Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, A great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray.

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    I don't know any books other than the already-mentioned off the top of my head, but if you like that theme in general, there's a great Mexican film called "Amar Te Duele" -- very much a poor boy/rich girl-forbidden love story.

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    FALLEN! you have to read the story! It's not about a poor guy- rich girl or anything like that. It'ss about a girl who keeps being born again and again. Her destiny? To meet the love of her life. Her soul bound mate... A FALLEN ANGEL?! He tries getting away from her all the time because usually she dies once she finds out what he really is. BUT this time ther's a twist. The reason she keeps being reborn is because she always gets baptise by what ever family she lands in... but this time she's NOT baptised.... will she die fro good this time? IDK you'll have to find out.

    [ oh and the second book is already out. It's called TORMENT]

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    For the affection of Granny, do not study Twilight. attempt "The Time-traveller's spouse" with the aid of Audrey Niffenegger. this is my all-time fashionable romance (and that i hate romance, so which you recognize it is not sappy.) Henry DeTamble suffers from a genetic sickness that motives him to involuntarily commute with the aid of time. He has a tendency to gravitate in direction of important events in his own previous, and that's on those journeys that he first meets his destiny spouse, Clare Abshire (or ought to I say she first meets him?) The e book is brilliantly written, yet now and lower back complicated once you have various Henries working around in one financial ruin, so pay interest to the little intros on the beginning up of one and all. they're going to allow you to recognize the 365 days and the age of all of us recent. delight in :)

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    twilight!!!<3<3 lol jk can you imagine?

    anyways romeo and juliet of course

    wuthering heights another classic.

    i love diana palmers amelia it is a dime novel but so good

    a walk to remember

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    naughts and crosses! its TOTALLY perfect and the ending is great.

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