back in the early to middle part of the 20th century, was periods taboo?

meaning (the 20s-60s)

these days you see it everywhere, commercials etc. back then did people even talk about it? like to friends, or boy friends?

could you just go to your boy friend and talk about it eg 'blah blah im on my period' or

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    It was pretty much taboo to talk about it, women just used to "soldier on" alone. Pads were not invented until nurses came up with the idea during the 1st world war, when they saw that wound dressings made from wood pulp, were ideal for use by women. Even so, they were very expensive when they first came available,and women were still using cloth (and washing it each time), into the 50's. Women used the term "being on your rags", meaning they used rags for pads.

    Nobody talked about it - my mother had terrible periods all her life, but never talked about it to anyone but me, and that was when she was very old. I remember saying, "well I hope Dad was supportive when you were having such terrible bleeding, etc" ,and she said she had never , ever, told him. she used to say she had a bad headache !

    I think it is much better now !

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    IT was not much talked about, due to the morals of the time.

    In fact, in some countries pads were not even produced by factories for the general public. This was something very private to be taken care of in the family. Mothers and grandmothers used to make the pads with cushioning layers of knit fabric, and wash them and re-use.

    This was kept between the women so much that these homemade pads were not discovered until very late.

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    When my mom was young she said it was a major embarrasment to buy pads at the store. And if a man was working there they would buy somehting else and go back later when a woman was working behind the counter. You certainly didn't talk about it with your boyfriend.

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