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Need help choosing the right skateboard parts.?

So i havent skated regularly in about 6 years and Im going to buy a brand new board. I will mostly be using the board for travel and Im not really big on doing tricks. except for the simpler tricks like ollies, kickflips, pop shove it, etc..So i will be using the skateboard to mostly take me places since i will be going to college next semester. any tips on what parts I should buy and which ones are best for me. My biggest concerns are WHEEL SIZE AND TRUCKS. thank you.

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    Sounds like you want a cruiser board, but if you want to do tricks if your comfortable with a wider board (i.e. flips spin slower) then i would suggest an 8.25 or 8.5 wide deck, with either super wide trucks that match the width or if you dont like super wide trucks then some 8.0' trucks would do. wheels i skate 52mm for street skating in england, probably 51mm if i was in america. 53mm/54mm if i just wanted to cruise around or skate tranny.

    If you dont wana feel any bumps or cracks get super soft wheels, the kinda ones you see on a filmers board. Big & Soft.

    Personally I would get tensor 5.25 trucks, But ALOT of people really like Indy trucks and you can get pretty wide ones, Also venture are popular cus they are cheap but i know some people who have had them and they have broken so maybe not so good.

    Hope this helps. Let me know what you get!

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    in certainty what you choose is a skateboard, you are able to truly %. any deck, then you certainly can grab a pair of skateboard autos that are sturdy (the tighter the greater desirable for cruising) you're gonna choose risers on your autos, and a advantageous fat set of longboard wheels to precise all of it off

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