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PLEASE ANSWER!!!! can you get in trouble for drawing graffiti in your notebook in high school?

well i was wonder if they see you drawing it will they get you in trouble or try to blame you for tags around school? i have tagged my main tag before but i'm not going to be using that style or drawing it in my notebook so would i get in trouble just for drawing/writing it?


also i will use a diff color in my notebook than the color i used to tag

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    some drawings are like signatures!!! and if you have a specific style then they can assume that you did it but they cant go and charge you with doing graff somewhere if they dont actually see you doing it...

    If its gang affiliated they will say that its gang writing and that you may get the attention of a rival gang so they will try to justify not allowing in it on school property.

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    no, how can they connect the two tags being from you just by one drawing in a book?

    You jus may be a really good artist, and or have seen the tag and were inspired by it. u got nothing to worry about. unless they caught u on tape doin the tag on the wall. then ehhhh, can't help ya.

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    9 years ago

    let me tell u this,.

    my friends tag the sschool wall..

    in there note they tag the same words and everything,same spelling and same words..they got introuble cause they saw it

    i dont vandilize school.i just tag weird stuuf on my notebook..i show the teachers and they say its nice.

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    Unless they have definite proof of you actually vandalizing the school, then no. Proof of evidence is on the accuser, and speculation is not evidence.

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    9 years ago

    If ur writing/drawing on YOUR OWN property then its fine

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