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Do some birth controls cause "weight gain" because they just increase appetite which makes them eat a lot?

I've heard that some birth controls will cause weight gain, however it's not that specific and the girls I've seen complain about the weight gain, said they started eating a lot when on the birth control. Not "I magically gained weight out of nowhere once I got on it." When I say birth control, I'm talking about all sorts of types, like the pill, Depo, Implanon, etc. Actually once I started Implanon (and I'm still on it), my appetite decreased and I didn't gain any weight. So...when it says that these cause weight gain, does it really mean like it will most likely cause increased appetite while will cause the girl to eat a lot which will result in weight gain? Not magically gaining weight out of nowhere?

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    Alot of birth control options cause weight gain. It may cause increased appetite, but it may also be due to your hormone levels changing.

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