Whats a good website for Pokemon?

I felt in the mood to play Pokemon, what's a good website I can play the older or more recent Pokemon games on the computer? I'd like to be able play them, and save the games. Please help, thanks :)

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  • 9 years ago
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    I, personally, use an Emulator called KiGB to play the gold ol Pokemon Gold again (Yea, I started there, and not on the originals. I'm sad about it too xD)

    That can all be found through Google and such.

    A few other Pokemon Nostalga solvers I've found are:

    1. Pokemon TCG, an actual website where you can play the Pokemon Trading Card Game. You are given a couple starter decks, a few booster packs, and can acquire more codes for online booster packs through actual booster packs. My friend actually found somebody selling the codes on Ebay for a quarter a piece, as they just wanted the real cards. Maybe you could find a deal like that <(^.^<)

    2. Pokemon Tower Defense. I have never been so hooked on a tower defense game in my life. You can choose up to 6 Pokemon to act as towers to defend various things (Rare Candies, Pokeballs, etc) and they level up, learn new moves (equivalent to the leveling up systems in Pokemon Red/Blue) and progress through the game. The game is currently in alpha, so it is incomplete. The level cap is somewhere in the 50s, and I think the story mode isn't done yet, though it still has plenty of content already :D

    3. I wish I knew the source on this last one, but a friend of mine just transferred this one over through an External Hard Drive. It's a little application called Pokemon Online. Basically, it's like playing Wi-fi battles from Classic Pokemon (or so I'm told =P) You can choose from any pokemon in existence, choose their skills, make them Shiny if you want, etc (There are restrictions. Some Pokemon are stronger than others, and your strongest pokemon will set the level of what you can go up against. If you have a team with a legendary pokemon and 5 magikarps, it wont take an average, you'll be up against a trainer with 6 legendary pokemon =P Also, some moves couldn't be learned in certain generations and such, so anything that wouldn't be possible in the actual game isn't possible in this version either. That is a rare thing though =P)

    Long story short, There are random people online, you battle them, yay =P

    Hope this helps <(^.^<)

  • 9 years ago

    Well you could enter the official Pokemon website it has many games, including one that will allow you to make your own trainer and choose any six Pokemon you want from the oldest to the newest and you play games and earn points! There is also this online Pokemon website http://www.pokemongamesonline.net/ and you could check out cartoon network if it has any new Pokemon games

    Hope that helps!

  • DanTF
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    9 years ago

    Recently did some cleaning and found some Pokemon TCG (hehe). As for good Poke sites, I doubt there are any quality ones online for free. May be better off with a friend getting Black/White. I heard there are special perks when you connect the two.

  • 9 years ago

    You can always go emulator website and get any pokemon game you want to play. I'm sure they'll have them all. I put one I know of in the source box

    Source(s): www.emulator-zone.com
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